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Our headquarters is based in Huntsville, AL but we serve the entire United States and beyond.

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Security and Defense Training for Civilians, Churches,

and Businesses



North Alabama’s most trusted security company for providing relevant, top-rated, practical training programs that allow civilians, businesses, and churches to remain safe in their daily lives.


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Committed to keeping individuals safe, we teach civilians the tactics and techniques to keep themselves and their families protected in today’s uncertain world. Courses are taught at the ONLY 5-star indoor shooting range in Alabama, Bullet Barrel, located at 3252 Leeman Ferry Road, Huntsville, AL 35801

We help companies and organizations, large and small, take charge of their security by creating a top-rated practical security plan that fits the company’s specific needs. Our unrivaled customized training programs and security plans give them the procedures and skills they need to combat a variety of threats.​

Protecting the congregation while remaining welcoming and open to the community is the foundation of our training program and security plan. We provide armed or unarmed training for security team members and design a detailed security plan customized to the layout of the church or synagogue.​

Why did I start

Bishop 30 Solutions?

Bishop 30 Solutions was founded to help people and organizations be safer, more secure, and ready to respond in a crisis. I saw this need in 2005 when I was a DEA agent in the Houston Field Office and, after Hurricane Katrina hit, was sent to New Orleans to assist during the aftermath. What I found was a famous American City in shambles with people who were completely unprepared for what they had to react to. Law-abiding citizens were outgunned and struggled to protect their families and their belongings from people who worked to take what wasn’t theirs. The experience made such an impression on me that after I retired, 12 years later, I formed Bishop 30 Solutions to help everyday law-abiding citizens remain safe in their environment.     

- Noell Bishop

Why choose us?

Whether you are a small business owner, the CEO of a multi-million dollar corporation, administrator of an educational institution, or leader of a local church or synagogue your organization's security is your top priority.

Creating a security plan is a vital step in ensuring your company or organization provides a secure environment to your patrons but the process can be daunting and overwhelming. Our experts will work with you to develop a complete and comprehensive plan that addresses your security concerns and gives detailed procedures of what to do in a variety of threats. The plan also includes coordination with law enforcement and first responders which is a critical aspect in responding to an incident. Having highly trained personnel allows us to provide you with the quality service you deserve.

Our complete approach is why we are North Alabama's premier company for top-tier security training and planning.

Featured Classes


Jason Mayfield


Ham Radio Technicians

December 13, 2019

5:30 - 9:30 pm

This course will help the student be prepared for the ARRL Technician Radio License test by providing a compressed study of the related material. The instructors will give expanded explanations of the difficult concepts and how these concepts fit into a whole picture. Ham radio concepts to

be explored are electronic circuits, radio wave (RF) theory, FCC regulations, and safety. Coursework is developed from the ARRL Ham Radio License Manual and practical knowledge of the radio hobby.

As this is a compressed study course, students are highly encouraged to read and review the ARRL Ham Radio Technician License Manual prior to the course.

Noell Bishop


Personal Safety & Defense

December 28, 2019

2 - 5 pm

We currently live in a world that is getting more and more violent. This course teaches how to avoid being a victim of a crime. You will learn how to avoid a bad situation, environmental awareness, what to do during an abduction, how to locate and use improvised weapons, pros and cons of store-bought weapons, reactions to and how to prepare yourself for an active shooter event, and active shooter trends and more. Students will learn basic defensive moves such as an eye gouge, elbow strike, knee strikes, and more. It is recommended that students wear clothes that are easy to move in. This course is for ages 12+, especially students away at college. 


Due to the nature of some subject matter, parental discretion is advised.

Noell Bishop


Handgun 101 & Selection

December 29, 2019

2 - 6:30 pm

This course is designed for the individual that wants to learn about handguns and shooting. The course includes gun safety, parts of the handguns, ammunition and ammunition selection, loading and unloading, misfires, establishing your dominate eye, grip, stance and more. Students then go to the range and get one on one instruction while shooting a variety of handguns to see which gun fits them the best. 

Includes: Handguns, ammunition, ear & eye protection