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As known leaders in the development of customized training programs and security plans, we are the premier company for providing the top-tier service you deserve.

Employers and religious leaders alike are concerned with the safety of their organizations. Taking charge of their security, they are choosing to build and train an internal security team of employees or members to mitigate a potential threat.

We take a proactive approach to keep your organization safe by creating a top-rated practical security plan that fits your organization’s specific needs. By implementing our comprehensive training program and security plan, your business or church will have the ability to manage a variety of threats that may occur.

Our unrivaled customized training programs and security plans provide a multi-level approach that gives executives and administrators options to choose from. All levels include the Bishop 30 Solutions Active Shooter Response Course, which has been fully tested and implemented. Training can include armed or unarmed security, but all levels involve working with local law enforcement and first responders. Once the plan is developed and agreed upon, the plan is rehearsed multiple times and includes a full-scale rehearsal.

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What We Offer:

  • Development of customized security action plan

  • Active shooter / emergency response

  • Armed or unarmed security team training

  • Multi-scenario rehearsals

  • Local law enforcement and first responders coordination

  • Post-incident response

  • Medical / Trauma coordination and training

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The FBI defines an active shooter as one or more individuals actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a populated area.

Between 2000 – 2017 more active shooter incidents occurred in business environments – 42% (FBI)

“…the perpetrator in closed-environment business shootings was often an employee or former employee…” (


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Between 1999-2017 there were 1,706 deadly force incidents in churches, resulting in 617 deaths and 943 injuries. (church security expert Carl Chinn)

“Year after year, domestic abuse spillover—when a fight at home comes to church—is one of the three most common killers at faith-based organizations” (Carl Chinn)

55.64% of deadly force incidents occurred based upon the top 3 known single issue triggers; domestic violence, personal conflict, and robbery (Carl Chinn)

Between 2006 and 2016, there were 147 church shootings in the United States(Dallas Drake database).