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Personal Safety

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Customized Home Defense Plan & Training

The founder has developed this course utilizing his Special Forces experience and 20 years as a DEA Special Agent. The instructor comes to your home and creates a customized defensive plan specifically for the protection of your home and family. This plan is based on the weapons you have, the layout of your home, and the number of members in your family. Students actively participate as they learn techniques to barricade or maneuver through their home to get to and secure their children.


Children are engaged as they learn their part of the plan which includes reacting to parental instructions and going to a pre-designated safe place. Other subjects taught include an array of tactical skills, reacting to possible abductions, disarming, weapon selection and maneuvering in confined areas, and more.



DURATION: ≈ 3 hours



Rate:   $500
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Personal Safety & Defense

We currently live in a world that is getting more and more violent. This course teaches how to avoid being a victim of a crime. You will learn how to avoid a bad situation, environmental awareness, what to do during an abduction, how to locate and use improvised weapons, pros and cons of store-bought weapons, reactions to and how to prepare yourself for an active shooter event, and active shooter trends and more. Students will learn basic defensive moves such as an eye gouge, elbow strike, knee strikes, and more. This course is for ages 12+, especially students away at college.

Due to the nature of some subject matter, parental discretion is advised.



DURATION: 2 hours



Rate:   $100
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Real Estate Agent Safety Course

Approved by the Alabama Real Estate Commission, this course awards 3 credit hours for the agent’s continuing education. This course stresses environmental awareness, avoidance, and how to take defensive action if need be. Real estate agents will review the best ways to meet a client both on-site and from the office and address safety procedures when the client arrives. Students are taught common everyday items that can be used as defensive weapons. The instructor will discuss the pros and cons of devices and weapons like personal alarms, stun guns, tasers, pepper spray, and the use of firearms. The second part of the course is interactive. Students will learn basic defensive moves such as an eye gouge, elbow strike, knee strikes, and more. 


DURATION: 3 hours

COURSE FEE: Call to book


Rate:  Call to book