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Simple Tips to Secure Your Home

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Every time my wife, Kelly, and I drive through our neighborhood at night we notice the same thing. Every single house is dark. Illuminating your home at night, using the exterior lights, is a great deterrent for would be thieves. I don’t mean motion lights, I mean regular outside lights. Lights with a motion sensor can be defeated by a bad guy that knows what to do. Even I have been able to defeat them. Illuminate as far from your house as possible while still providing ambient light to shine on your house. If you have neighbors, work with them and try to interlock your outside lights.

Ensure your bushes are trimmed below the windows. Better yet, just get rid of them. I have taken out some small trees by my front door for added security. Remember, bad guys love the dark and love to hide while they are trying to jimmy a lock on your door or window. Don’t give them a chance to do that.

Most houses have a wooden door frame on their exterior doors which are easily kicked in. Reinforce the door frame with a kit from your local hardware store. These door reinforcement kits come with a metal piece that reinforces where the deadbolt locks into the door frame. It does this with a series of 3” wood screws securing it to the door frame. They are generally easy to install and work quite well.

There are also security screens that can withstand the most violent attack by a sledge hammer, baseball bat or any heavy object wheeled in its direction. These products make the outside of your house very impenetrable to would be intruders and don’t make it look like Ft. Knox.

Security cameras are another great thing. Install them to cover every outside door, driveway, and in front and rear of the house at a minimum. Most systems now come with a way to view it directly from your cell phone but most of us don't always have our phone on us every minute while at home. Placing a monitor or monitors in a place that you frequent in your home will ensure that you have full access to your cameras at all times. Ours is in a central place so it can be seen from the kitchen and the living room.

These simple tips will help secure your home by providing extra layers of protection in order to keep your family safe.

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