Civilian Training Courses

Courses are taught at the ONLY 5-star indoor shooting range in Alabama,

Bullet and Barrel, located at 3252 Leeman Ferry Road, Huntsville, AL 35801



Handgun 101 & Selection

(4.5 hrs) This course is designed for the individual that wants to learn about handguns and shooting. The course includes gun safety, parts of the handguns, ammunition and ammunition selection, loading and unloading, misfires, establishing your dominant eye, grip, stance and more. Students then go to the range and get one on one instruction while shooting a variety of handguns to see which gun fits them the best. 

Includes: Handguns, ammunition, ear & eye protection


Handgun 101 & Selection

Ladies only

(4.5 hrs) We understand that shooting can be intimidating, so we take all the time needed to make sure you feel comfortable with a handgun. The course covers gun safety, parts of the handguns, ammunition and ammunition selection, loading/unloading, misfires, establishing your dominant eye, grip, stance and more.  Students then get one on one instruction on the range while shooting a variety of handguns to see which gun fits them the best.


Includes: Handguns, ammunition, eye & ear protection 


Advanced Pistol 1

(3 hrs) Students will continue to build upon their basic and tactical skills and learn to apply them to different exercises. They will learn how to use cover and concealment to move with the pistol, strong and weak hand shooting around a barricade, moving in defense of others, and more.


Equipment needed: semi-automatic pistol (recommended), two magazines (unloaded), holster (no belly bands allowed, strong side or appendix Kydex holster recommended), magazine pouch, sturdy belt, and 150 - 200 rounds of pistol ammunition



Concealed Carry Range

Ladies only also available



Advanced Pistol 2

(3 hrs) This course is fun and exciting as it accelerates your skills and confidence with your handgun. You will learn how to stay alive and fight while gaining skills not often taught in a handgun course. Learn strong and weak hand reloading, close-up defense with a handgun, three-stage drill, shoot/no-shoot exercise, and more. 


Equipment needed: semi-automatic pistol (recommended), two magazines (unloaded), holster (no belly bands allowed, strong side or appendix Kydex holster recommended), magazine pouch, sturdy belt, and 150 - 200 rounds of pistol ammunition. 


Concealed Carry Range





Concealed Carry

Virtual Range

(4 hrs) Carrying a handgun can be vital in keeping you safe but can also be detrimental if you don’t know the laws or how to react to situations. Expert attorney Greg Hopkins teaches you about Alabama firearm laws such as when you can use deadly force, the justification for self-defense, and more. This course also covers holster selection, the 21 ft rule, and what to do post-shooting and when the police arrive. The remaining portion of the course utilizes virtual training, with CO2 filled Glock pistols, to engage students in real-world shoot/no-shoot scenarios to provide some of the most realistic training in North Alabama.

Ladies only also available


Concealed Carry Range

Transition from the basics to self-defense as you learn practical techniques that could save your life. Whether carrying concealed or unconcealed, proper presentation of the firearm will allow you to develop the proper grip and sight picture to engage the target quickly and accurately. In this course, we go forward of the firing line and learn the one-handed draw, strong and weak hand shooting, fixing malfunctions, magazine reloads (emergency, save), turning and shooting, slice the pie drill, and more. 


Equipment needed: semi-automatic pistol (recommended), two magazines (unloaded), holster (no belly bands allowed, strong side or appendix Kydex holster recommended), magazine pouch, sturdy belt, concealment garment, and 150 - 200 rounds of pistol ammunition.


Students must have basic handgun skills and safety knowledge before attending this course.



Tactical Carbine 1

(4 hrs) The founder uses his DEA and Special Forces experience to teach you to be proficient with the AR-15 type rifle. Students will be taught the nomenclature of the rifle, ballistics, zeroing, shooting positions, reloading, accuracy drills, transition to a pistol, how to shoot and move as an individual. This is the perfect course if you want the basics and be proficient with a carbine.  So, break that carbine out and start putting it through its paces.  


Equipment: AR-15 type rifle with sling, at least two rifle magazines (unloaded), rifle magazine pouch, pistol with holster and 200 rounds rifle and 10 rounds pistol.



Tactical Carbine 2

(4 hrs) This is your opportunity to learn skills taught mainly to operators and the elite. This course is not only fun but full of advanced skills. After you confirm your zero, learn to switch from your left and right shoulder and then around a barricade, the zig-zag movement exercise, the El Pres transition drill, buddy movements and more. You have a chance to learn skills with your AR-15 you never thought you could.


Equipment: AR-15 type rifle with sling, at least two rifle magazines (unloaded), rifle magazine pouch, pistol with holster and 200 rounds rifle and 20 rounds pistol. 



Personal Safety & Defense

(3 hrs) We currently live in a world that is getting more and more violent. This course teaches how to avoid being a victim of a crime. You will learn how to avoid a bad situation, environmental awareness, what to do during an abduction, how to locate and use improvised weapons, pros and cons of store-bought weapons, reactions to and how to prepare yourself for an active shooter event, and active shooter trends and more. Students will learn basic defensive moves such as an eye gouge, elbow strike, knee strikes, and more. It is recommended that students wear clothes that are easy to move in. This course is for ages 12+, especially students away at college.


Due to the nature of some subject matter, parental discretion is advised.


Real Estate Agent Safety

(3 hrs) Approved by the Alabama Real Estate Commission, this course awards 3 credit hours for the agent’s continuing education. This course stresses environmental awareness, avoidance and how to take defensive action if need be. Real estate agents will review the best ways to meet a client both on-site and from the office and address safety procedures when the client arrives. Students are taught common everyday items that can be used as defensive weapons. The instructor will discuss the pros and cons of devices and weapons like personal alarms, stun guns, tasers, pepper spray and the use of firearms. The second part of the course is interactive. Students will learn basic defensive moves such as an eye gouge, elbow strike, knee strikes, and more. It is recommended that students wear clothes that are easy to move in.

call to book

Home Defense

(3-4 hrs) The founder has developed this course utilizing his Special Forces experience and 20 years as a DEA Special Agent. The instructor comes to your home and creates a customized defensive plan specifically for the protection of your home and family. This plan is based on the weapons you have, the layout of your home and the number of members in your family. Students actively participate as they learn techniques to barricade or maneuver through their home to get to and secure their children. 

Children are engaged as they learn their part of the plan which includes reacting to parental instructions and going to a pre-designated safe place. Other subjects taught include an array of tactical skills, reacting to possible abductions, disarming, weapon selection and maneuvering in confined areas and more.

Per Household


Active Shooter

(3 hrs) In a world that is becoming increasingly more violent, active shooters continually fill the nightly news. This is not just a lecture course that most people have taken. Bishop 30 Solutions provides hands-on, interactive training so the students will know exactly what to do in a life-threatening situation. The course includes mindset and how to react to your emotions, how to establish an escape route, how and where to hide/barricade to avoid becoming a victim and how to use everyday items as weapons to fight and disarm the shooter. The course also addresses what those who are carrying concealed should and should not do, as well as what to do when law enforcement arrives.  




(3 hrs) Ever wonder how you would react in a real-life lethal force scenario? You might find what you planned on doing in a deadly situation might not work. Bring realism to your training, hone your skills, and test your reaction to scenarios in this intense, adrenaline-filled, training. Go force-on-force with your fellow students to see how you will react. Will you stay alive in the gunfight?


The training utilizes Airsoft guns and safety masks (we supply). Long sleeves, for training, are suggested. 



(3 hrs)  You have stood behind the bench and practiced shooting targets at different distances, but have you ever thought about how you would draw and shoot when presented by a lethal threat? Join Bishop 30 Solutions, LLC. And Marshman Training and Consulting, Inc as we provide scenario-based training to take your skills to the next level. In this training, you will be given a variety of scenarios, based on places you commonly find yourself: restaurants, ATMs, your home, etc. Each scenario will give you the opportunity to draw your firearm and engage targets in this live-fire quick-reaction training.


The purpose of this joint effort is to provide scenario-based training for students that have basic and advanced firearms skills for both the handgun and the carbine. Training will take place at Bullet and Barrel Indoor Shooting Range or the Marshman Outdoor Tactical Shooting Range, depending on course scenarios. The range will be specified on class registration. Using both ranges gives students the best training scenarios possible.



In a world that is getting increasingly more violent, you need to up your game to keep you and your loved ones safe. As we go about our lives, don't live in fear. Have confidence that you will be able to deal with what threats are presented to you. The gray man series is a series of one-hour classes that teach specific skills associated with the close quarter battle (CQB), personal and home defense. Training focus will be on the individual and two-person concept.

Home Defense

(1 hour) Every household needs a defensive plan to stay safe during a home invasion. In the event of an intruder in your home, would you and your family know what to do? Learn how to create a plan to be able to barricade and secure your family members.


Solo Room Entry

(1 hour) Your child is sleeping in the next room when you hear glass break down the hall. How do you safely get to and enter their room when you are alone?

In this course, students will be taught how to gain as much information about what is in the room prior to entering it and what your biggest obstacle is and how to overcome it. This course is CQB at its finest.


Two-person Clearing

(1 hour) Someone breaks into your home and you and your spouse want to ensure the safety of your children. How do you clear your home enough to get to and secure them? This course will teach you how to work together to effectively maneuver through your home to ensure the safety of your children.


Low Light Pistol

(1 hour) If you were woken up in the middle of the night and had to manipulate your firearm and a flashlight at the same time, would you know how? A flashlight can be a great asset, but it can also give you away if misused. This course will teach you how to maneuver in low light, identify friendly or non-friendly targets, and operate & reload your firearm with a flashlight in your hand. 

Equipment needed: Semi-automatic pistol; 50 rounds ammo; tactical flashlight; holster; 2 magazines (unloaded); magazine pouch, sturdy belt


Weapons Disarming

(1 hour) Have you ever thought about what you would do if someone had you at the disadvantage of holding a firearm on you? Would you know how to disarm that person? Give yourself a fighting chance and learn how to disarm an assailant with a handgun, long gun, and knife. This course could save your life.


Speciality Classes

Stop the Bleed

(1.5 hours) Stop the Bleed® is a national awareness campaign and a call to action. Stop the Bleed is intended to cultivate grassroots efforts that encourage bystanders to become trained, equipped, and empowered to help in a bleeding emergency…becoming the beginning of the trauma care chain of survival. 


During Stop the Bleed training, you will learn how to:


> Determine if an area is safe for you to proceed toward a victim to provide assistance

> Identify any nearby tools to assist you such as a publicly placed bleeding control kit or everyday items that can be used to control bleeding.

> Use your hands to apply direct pressure at the site of the wound to stop bleeding

> Pack a deep wound with cloth or gauze to control bleeding >Correctly apply a tourniquet to an injured limb to stop bleeding

> Keep the victim calm until help arrives


Intro to Radio Communications

(3 hours) In an age of cell phones, why radios? In most emergency situations (hurricanes, tornadoes, power outages) the cell phone infrastructure is often down or unusable; radios can be a life-saving resource.In this class, we will discuss basic radio wave theory, commercially available radio options and communication planning. 


Ham Radio Technicians Class

(4 Hours) This course will help the 

student be prepared for the 

ARRL Technician Radio 

License test by providing a 

compressed study of the related 

material. The instructors will 

give expanded explanations of 

the difficult concepts and how 

these concepts fit into a whole 

picture. Ham radio concepts to  

be explored are electronic circuits, radio wave (RF) theory, FCC regulations, and safety. Coursework is developed from the ARRL Ham Radio License Manual and practical knowledge of the radio hobby.  

As this is a compressed study course, students are highly encouraged to read and review the ARRL Ham Radio Technician License Manual prior to the course.  


Get Home Bag

(5 Hours) If there was a total loss of power and your vehicle was inoperable, would you and your family know what to do? Utilizing the founder's Survival, Escape, Resistance and Evasion (SERE) training, this course is built to help everyday people survive in just such an event. Instructors address, in detail, the following subjects: the best type of bag to use, items that go in the survival bag, items not to put in the survival bag, food to take, creating a family contingency plan, choosing the best route home using a map, water purification, how to take care of your feet, how to use an area study, start a fire without a match, build a poncho raft, build a shelter, establish directions without a compass or GPS and more.


Down Range

This is your chance to practice the skills you learned from Bishop 30 Solutions. Go forward of the shooting bench (downrange) and practice skills like presentations, magazine changes, slice the pie, 21’ drill, and others. Each session will concentrate on a different skillset, and your instructor will be there to help you refine them.  

**If you have completed the Bishop 30 Solutions Concealed Carry Range you qualify for the Down Range practice session. 


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